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Friday, February 17, 2006

Learning from adversity

How can we learn from adversity? I know there are many people who have had harder trials then me but I feel like I've still had a lot of adversity in my life. How can I learn from this? Neal A. Maxwell said, "In striving for ultimate submission, our wills constitute all we really have to give God anyway. The usual gifts and their derivatives we give to Him could be stamped justifiably 'Return to Sender,' with a capital S. Even when God receives this one gift in return, the fully faithful will receive 'all that [He] hath' (D&C 84:38). What an exchange rate!" (April 2002 Conference) So maybe I'm answering my own question with what may seem like a random quote, but how can I turn my adversity into a learning experience where I am able to turn my will over to him?

Refer to my other blog for information on what is currently going on in my life, and what I consider to be a trial right now. Any advice is sure welcome.

I guess I just feel like my focus right now is on the trial and not so much how I can grow from it. I feel as though I'm worrying so much about the trial that I'm forgetting that he loves me. Neal A. Maxwell said this in the same talk "Our individual worth is already divinely established as 'great'; it does not fluctuate like the stock market."

Maybe my problem is that I'm at the beginning of things and want to see the end. I don't think seeing how things would work out would actually help though. I'm convinced that when I worry about things nothing can really calm me down until I'm ready for it.

I don't always trust the feelings Heavenly Father tries to give me. It's funny that the creator of the universe can command stars to be born, and to die. He can command the earth in all things. If fact everything in this universe obeys his will and yet when he commands me to be at peace I often times don't obey.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Asking for a blessing

I've had the opportunity to give two blessings this week and to receive one myself. I want your opinion on this matter. One of the blessings I gave was asked for while I was prompted to offer to give the second one. I think that in the ideal situation a priesthood holder should live in such a way that those around him should feel comfortable asking for a blessing, but I don't think that a lot of women (or men for that matter) feel like they can ask for a blessing.

Sometimes I think that we don't excercise the Melchizedek priesthood as much as we should. Thomas S. Monson Said, "I know of no experience more sweet or feeling more precious than to heed a prompting only to discover that the Lord has answered another person's prayer through you." I think that when we give a blessing we are doing this. I have had to learn that it is ok to ask for a blessing if you need one. Can it be excessive if we ask for blessing too often? How often is too often? What is your opinion about asking for a blessing?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Will we know him?

I just read 3 Nephi 11. When the Lord calls for Nephi I get the impression that he wasn't surprised by seeing the Lord whereas the other people kind of were. Does that make sense? I guess I just get the feeling from reading 3 Nephi 11:18-20 that Nephi knew the Lord very well.

I know you're probably thinking, "Duh Chuck! He's a prophet, of course he knows him!" But it just made me wonder how well I'll know him when I see him again. Of course I think that to some degree we'll all know him won't we. What do you think?