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Thursday, April 06, 2006


I'm reading in Mosiah right now and I'm in chapter 18. This is the chapter where Alma babtizes the people at the waters of mormon. In verse 14 it says that, "both Alma and Helam wereburied in the water." I've never quite understood this. So Alma was being babtized by himself? Had he received the priesthood already? In verse 13 he says, "having authority from the Almighty God" when he was about to babtize Helam. Something similar happened when Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery received the priesthood and babtized each other. I'm just curious about what you guys think.


Blogger Bob said...

I've heard this topic brought up before. We know that one needs to receive authority by the laying on of hands. So, the best explanation that I have heard for this is that Alma was a good church goer when he was a teenager. He became a priest (right to baptise) when he was sixteen, but then the community turned away from the church later. He already had authority but he was "inactive" so to say. At least that's an explanation that I've heard, perhaps so one else has a different theory

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