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Friday, May 26, 2006

I hate stories with endings

I just got home from watching X-men 3. It seems to be the last of a trilogy that I really enjoyed. I hate it when a story I love ends. I read a lot of fantasy books and I hate it when they end too. I always pick up a new one quickly to compensate. I'm excited for Harry Potter book 7, but that will just be another ending. It just makes me sad when things come to an end. Even in life lots of good things come to an end. I was in a great relationship with a girl that ended just a few weeks ago. I have never really liked the idea of beginnings and endings in this sense.

I want you all to know that while things in this life may have a beginning and an ending we do not. The best stories never end they just keep going on forever. This story is the one we are writing without knowing it by the life we live every day. I think it hass to be chronicled somewhere. It is a daily struggle between good and evil. We fight it every day, but even after we win our stories will go on. How great are the blessings of eternity!


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