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Friday, September 22, 2006

Talmage and the good Samaritan

I just want to post the parable of the good Samaritan and include some quotes from Jesus the Christ.

(Luke 10:30-37)

Talmage says a few things that I think are great,

"Doubtless priest as well as Levite salved his conscience with ample excuse for his inhumane conduct; he may have been in a hurry, or was fearful, perhaps, that the robbers would return and make him also a victim of their outrage. Excuses are easy to find; they spring up as readily and plentifully as weeds by the wayside. When the Samaritan came along he saw the wretched state of the wounded man, he had no excuse for he wanted none. ... The essential difference between the Samaritan and the others was that the one had a compassionate heart, while they were unloving and selfish." (Jesus the Christ pg 431-432)

So this makes me wonder how I can be more loving and less selfish. I think that Satan has a tendency to play on our weaknesses in such a way that we don’t realize it. He tries to trick us into rationalizing things until we don’t even realize we are selfish. I’ve seen myself do this a lot, “I deserve a nice quiet night, so I’m going to do what I want tonight.” Instead of doing what I should do which could be anything.

So I guess I just need to make sure that I focus on who I need to be. I think that at the beginning of every day I need to ask myself this question, “What am I going to do so that by the end of today I am happy with myself?” What choices do I need to make in order to ensure that I’m happy? I know what will make me happy and what won’t. It is very tempting to do certain things and be lazy all day long, but I know that at the end of my day I’ll have wished I had done something else.


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